Why Fun Forest Is So Much Fun

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Fun Forest in Seattle offers children of all ages something to enjoy. The younger kids will have plenty of excitement from just taking in the sights and sounds. There are plenty of games such as skee ball, dart games, and more to keep younger and older children entertained for hours. The youngest ones of the bunch will love the carousel that’s available to ride. Inflatable bouncing attractions offer fun for older kids as well. There aren’t too many places left like Fun Forest, so it’s time to take advantage of it

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Birthday Party Packages At Fun Forest

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There are lots of great places to have a birthday party in Seattle. The city is full of incredible places for kids of all ages. With that in mind, Fun Forest is one of the top spots for any parent who wants to put on a great birthday party. Why is Fun Forest the venue of choice? It starts with all that this particular park has to offer. Fun Forest features many different rides and attractions, and kids would have to

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Things To Do For Family Fun In Seattle

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Don’t let the Seattle rain ruin your family fun with these fabulous activities. The Museum of Flight is an attraction that is inside as well as outside. You can walk through some of the planes, and there is a tour with someone explaining details of the types of planes in the museum. There is a small fee to get into the museum. Kerry Park is a free attraction where you can spend the day playing in the sun and view the amazing Seattle skyline. Take a picnic lunch,

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Preparing for a Trip to the Fun Forest

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Before you take a trip to the Fun Forest there are a few things you need to square away at the home. Otherwise you won’t be having such a fun time when you come home only to discover a break-in has occurred. Some of you reading this are probably already thinking that you’ll visit securitychoice.com and that will be the end of your worries. Honestly, a system probably couldn’t hurt and with so many providers out there you’ll no doubt find a deal. However, there are other ways to secure the home.

Lots of homeowners resort to things like hiding spare keys under a doormat or under a flower pot and while it might be convenient when you’re locked out, these practices make the home more susceptible to intrusion. Criminals know all the tricks. If your door is a hollow-core model you might just want to replace it since they are much easier to breakthrough. You can find solid core models in most hardware stores and it’s worth checking out since most break-ins actually occur through the front door. However you decide to do it, just makes sure the home is safe and secure so you can focus on a fun and enjoyable time.

Five Fun Things To Do At Fun Forest

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The Seattle Center is one of the great cultural events sites in the Pacific Northwest. From the Pacific Science Center to the Children’s Museum to the Bumbershoot Festival every fall, there’s always a fun activity for the whole family.

Sadly, for kids that no longer includes The Fun Forest, an amusement park which was located at the Seattle Center for 48 years, from 1962-2011. In January of 2011, it closed its doors due to declining revenue, and the site is currently being

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Get Unlimited Ride Bracelets At Fun Forest

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It is critical to know about the party start up requirements at the fun forest amusement park. You pay the required amount of money at the gate or online, get a wristband and then wait for your turn at a ride. There are no after hours party, just fun all day long.

Unlimited ride bracelets!
The long summer holidays are here again. You can get unlimited rid bracelets and tickets are bought in small quantities for each ride.

Get five rides at the

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The Antique Carousel At Fun Forest

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The Fun Forest Amusement Park that is within the grounds of Seattle Center, once, the original site for the Seattle World’s Fair in 1962, was a fun place were time seemed to stop.

The antique carousel at Fun Forest has had its own appeal to children for a long time. This can also be said about the numerous rides and games that were offered at this unique amusement park. Now that is no longer. As this special place, is minus the sound of carnival and is closed.

Children, as well as

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The History Of Fun Forest Amusement Center

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Fun Forest Amusement Center was built in Seattle, Washington in 1962. It was built for the World Fair. It was first called the Gayway. In 1964 more rides and more games were added to help the Amusement center to attract more people and to bring in more money. Over the years city personnel became less favorable of having the amusement center in the city and the people living in the area wanted the center improved or eliminated.


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The Roller Coaster Ride At Fun Forest In Seattle

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The Fun Forest in Seattle was opened around the mid 1990′s. Some of the first rides were Flight to Mars, Wild Mouse, Broadway Trip, and Galaxy. One of the first ever rollercoasters was the Wild Mouse which was transfered from the Fair that was in place before Fun Forest arrived. In 1990 they replaced the Wild mouse with a newer version of the Wild Mouse. In 1974 an all steel portable rollercoaster called the Galaxy, replaced the Wild Mouse. Now a days Fun Forest consists of 19 rides for children and adults of all ages. They also have an arcade, minature golf, and laser tag. If playing games is what you like , there are plenty of those at Fun Forest. They also have a huge area for special events. So if you are looking for a place to have you wedding, business meeting, charity event, or anything else, homesecuritytown.com, this would be the place to do it! So as you can see there is a lot of history that comes along with this place thats rather quite interesting. Overall it is a great place to take friends and family for a great vacation. Next time your in Seattle Washington make sure you check out the famous Fun Forest!